Jen Maciejewska

Pilates Instructor
Jen found Pilates 3 years ago after injuring herself whilst running and has never looked back! Pilates allowed her to be back running again after 2 weeks! Jen is trained in both Reformer and Mat Pilates and is very passionate about both practises. She’s really excited to be teaching at The Studio! ‘I love that we can combine the stretch and mindfulness of yoga with the alignment, strengthening, and rehab of Pilates... ....Pilates is wonderful for many reasons. Created by Joseph Pilates, the practise was originally called Contrology. This really hits home with me! If you have control of your body You’ll have less injuries and a greater understanding of how your body works. Practice Pilates regularly and you will see a real difference in your body. More muscle tone... a stronger core (powerhouse!) longer leaner muscles, an increase in flexibility, better posture, increased metabolism, less stress and you’ll stay injury-free.’ The list of benefits goes on..... Interested? Please feel free to drop in and try a class. Jen also says that If you have any worries about your body she can also help out with a postural assessment and advice on how to modify exercises to work around any bodily concerns or injuries!