Nicole Driscol

Dharma, Power, Flow
After my very first class in December 2017, I was hooked with yoga and how it made me feel. To move my body and breathe in a different way took me onto a new journey within myself. Of course, I got the yoga addiction and wanted to take it further, I wanted to share the teachings of yoga, and to help people the way it helped me. I felt like I had finally found that thing that resonated with me and that which I was passionate about! I completed my first teacher training in Barcelona in Hatha Raja Yoga, then went onto to train in New York to study Dharma Yoga (my most signature class i teach) further training has included Yin Yoga and Mandala Vinyasa Yoga. Expect my classes to be fun and challenging, they will open your body and mind like never before. Don’t take yourself too seriously with it, the effort and the journey is what matters most, if yoga teaches you anything it will be patience, so trust the process and enjoy the practice! Hope to see you guys in class soon. Love & Light, Nicole.