Barre Fitness Series (VIDEO)

Welcome to The Studio’s Barre Fitness Series!   In this series, we have collaborated with Grace Blundell a former Royal ballet dancer to create a new barre fitness workout. Aiming to strengthen and tone your body using elements from a ballet class.   Grace has had 6 years of experience dancing with the Royal Ballet and is now also a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer.     Whether you are new to Barre or you’re looking for a different way to work out. These short classes will provide you with some insight into how those ballet dancers maintain a strong, toned body! Not only will you begin to strengthen your legs, core, back, and arms, you will also work on your coordination and begin to learn French. Yes, that’s right, the basic ballet terminology! Why Barre? Training Barre can improve postural alignment, flexibility, core strength, and functional fitness, while the low-impact format minimises the risk of injury. However, these short sequences of exercises can be done anytime throughout the day to strengthen & tone.             Legs & Bum Burner For this video, Grace will take you through a range of barre and floor exercises that will activate your legs and your bum. There is no equipment need for this class. All you will need handy is a chair (or a window ledge, banister), and a yoga mat.     Back & Arms This week’s barre body workout is back & arms! Grace will work your upper body helping you build your strength, it is an Intermediate level workout with a slow tempo. No equipment needed just a chair (or a window ledge, banister), a yoga mat, and socks.     Lower Body In this week’s Barre workout video Grace will take you through a lower-body burner. Therefore Grace will work you through barre exercises to strengthen and tone your legs. Equipment is not necessary and can be altered. All you will need is a chair (or...

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