Broken Egg Surprise (VIDEO) – Spring Clean Recipes

Eating Well Not Less X The Studio: Spring Clean Recipes Make your own broken egg surprise – Easter Chocolate Bark     It’s week 4 of The Studio x Eating Well Not Less 6-week spring clean, this week I’m doing an Easter-themed recipe, just in time for some good Friday treats. I’m making Easter-themed chocolate bark – it’s super easy, super quick, and is a really nice one to make with the kids as they can top it with whatever they fancy!   It’s basically like homemade chocolate, but we’ve made it with coconut oil, peanut butter, cacao & maple syrup. So you get loads of added goodness in there. People often assume chocolate in any form is bad but cacao is full of magnesium which is a mineral important for bone health, energy production, bloody sugar balance and even improving mood. So, if you needed an excuse for some chocolate I’ve just given you a pretty good one!! Although it does need to be cacao or dark chocolate...

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