Decision Making: How our decisions affect our growth

Life is created in every second and changed with every decision we make.  Each of our decisions create a different outcome, therefore we are only ever one decision away from a completely different life.  By creating healthy habits and making our lives simpler, we can use our choices to help create a positive outcome for growth.  So how can we make decisions that support us, instead of hinder us?   Decision vs Default We have the freedom to choose at any given moment of our life.  However, we are mostly influenced by our environments or habits.  Default decisions aren’t necessarily bad, but they weren’t designed with our goals or growth in mind.  They were designed for ease, comfort and effortless action.  Sometimes we make decisions based on habit, or what’s accessible to us, which then becomes our default.  This can work for us in a negative way, or a positive way, if we know how to make...

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