Growing old gracefully

Aging and getting older can be a bit of a touchy subject.  Birthdays become less of a celebration and more of a day we wish we could just skip over.  But why are there so many negative connotations around getting older?  Life favours the young, or so they say.  How can we make our peace with the inevitable and grow old gracefully?  The decline in health that comes with aging is 90% down to the lifestyle we choose to live in our younger years.  By protecting and promoting health now we can ensure we help ourselves later in life.  Here we look at ways we can help prolong the healthy years of our life.   Taking back control Only 10% of disease is caused by genetics, meaning that 90% of disease and illnesses are caused by environmental factors and lifestyle choices.  This means that our health as we get older is in our control, and is something we can change right NOW.  By looking after the 90% that’s in our control, we can then have an affect on the 10% that is out of our control.  Our lifestyle includes our diet, exercise and behavioural habits.  These factors have the power to change our health for better or for worse. Your daily habits including...

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