How to identify if you’re drifting off track

We know what it feels like when everything just feels right.  Things just seem to click into place, your life makes you feel happy and excited to get out of bed in a morning.  You have purpose, direction and passion.  But what happens when something just feels off?  That gut instinct we have that something just doesn’t feel right, that we aren’t happy or we are not where we wanted to be.  This can be our inner self trying to let us know that we are drifting away from what is truly meant for us.   What is drifting? Drifting can make you feel like you are getting carried away by life.  Like a leaf being carried down stream.  You’ve lost your control, vision or goal.  Then found yourself far away from where you wanted to be, and not knowing how you got there, or how to get back on track.  But how can we begin to recognise the signs?   Are you drifting? Read the following ten statements below, and notice how many resonate with you.  Be truthful and answer yes or no to each. Calculate at the end how many you said YES to,...

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