Insight Timer; A Meditation for Everything.

Phones get a lot of stick these days for being a distraction. Keeping us out of the present moment, we constantly absorb information and view our lives through filters. BUT we can also use these devices to our advantage.. If we know how to use them! They can help us to create more mindful habits. Keep us organised, find things to inspire us and help us to reach our goals. We are part of a generation who has access to the world at our finger tips. If we download the right apps and spend less time scrolling through Instagram, our phones can support us with our personal growth and help us lead more productive lives. Do you make time to meditate? If you havent heard of Insight Timer, this is an app we recommend you get on board with! Building a meditation practice in to your daily routine can be super beneficial to your mind and your health. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to fit it into your day, but one thing you probably have with you at all times is your phone, so when you have a moment spare time, why not fill it with an act of mindfullness. Insight Timer has a meditation for EVERYTHING! And its FREE!Whether you want to calm the mind, focus on breathing, let go, listen to...

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