Introduction to Barre: Barre Workout (VIDEO)


Target your FULL BODY with this 20 minute video introducing you to ballet barre!

Are you looking for something new? Grace Blundell is a ballet dancer for The Royal Ballet and she’s here to provide you with a short barre class designed to help you strengthen and tone from head to toe. From a quick mid morning tone & strengthening activity to trying something new, this class is designed to help! 

Barre With Grace

Whether you are new to Barre or you’re looking for a different way to work out, this short class will provide you with some insight on how those ballet dancers maintain a strong, toned body!  Not only will you begin to strengthen your legs, core, back and arms, you will also work on your coordination and begin to learn French, yes that’s right, the basic ballet terminology! 


Why Barre?


Training Barre can improve postural alignment, flexibility, core strength and functional fitness, while the low-impact format minimises the risk of injury. This short sequence of exercises can be done anytime throughout the day to strengthen & tone.

The exercises you will learn in this class are: Plie, Tendu, Glisse, Rond de jambe, Fondu and Grand battemen


                                                      Would you like to see more Barre Workouts? Let us know in the comments below! 


                                                                                             Check out Grace’s instagram here: @gbballetandfitness 

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