Kale Salad (VIDEO) – Spring Clean Recipes

Eating Well Not Less X The Studio: Spring Clean Recipes Kale Salad     It’s week 2 of The Studio x Eating Well Not Less 6-week spring clean, and this week I am celebrating the humble veg, kale. You’ve all heard it, eaten it, and decided whether you do or don’t like it. Specifically, I think that raw kale is often eaten just because people know it’s good for us not because they actually enjoy it. And I used to be exactly the same, I thought it was too fibrous and bitter when eaten raw but I’d still throw it in a salad for good measure. Until I found this method.        How to get the best out of Kale? We physically massage the kale. Yes, you heard that right, and when I first heard of this process I thought to myself ‘what the heck next, we’re massaging our veg now!’. But it honestly works. It makes the kale far less fibrous and softens the leaves so that the dressing can coat and infuse every little bit of the kale. It makes it easier to chew and digest too and makes it much less bitter. I’ve served it with a creamy vegan Caesar dressing which coats the kale perfectly. The dressing is made from soaked cashews so we get a healthy source of protein and fats here too as an added bonus and makes it lovely and creamy. I replaced classic croutons with chickpea croutons, which I’m absolutely obsessed with! They give such a nice crunch to the salad but equally are...

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