Kick Start Fitness Series (VIDEO)

  Welcome to our Studio series which is going to kick start your fitness this 2021!   In this fitness series, we’ll be focusing on exercises and stretches you can do at home to target different areas of the body. We’ve brought you 2 workout videos and 2 deep stretch videos. Follow Alana from home, keeping your body fit and mobile.       Hips and Hamstrings: In this video, we’ll be looking at post-workout stretches you can do to release tight muscles. Stretches to release tension from the hips, increase hip joint mobility, and lengthen those hamstrings.   Back Stretches: In this video, we’ll be looking at releasing tight muscles caused by sitting down all day. Improve posture and relieve stiffness from the back and shoulders with this selection of back stretches.   Booty and Glute: In this video, we’ll be building those booty muscles using a band for added resistance and activation. Burn stubborn fat and build strength and tone!   Core Crunches: In this video, we’ll be focusing on strengthening, defining, and toning those all-important core muscles. Fire up the core and get ready for some crunches!     Try these videos on their own or put a workout with a stretch? These four videos are perfect if...

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