The Meditation Series (VIDEO)

Welcome to The Studio: Meditation Series.   This meditation series is designed to help you take some time out of your day to calm your mind, release tension, de-stress, be inspired, or feel energised. There’s a video for everything! This series consists of 8 short meditations, perfect if you need a quick break to re-set your mind during the day.       Episode one: Slow Down & Breathe We take time to just slow down and BREATHE! How many breaths have you taken today that you really focused on? Probably zero! Take ten minutes to slow down and just focus on simply being with the breath.   Episode two: Unwind with Gratitude We aim to raise your vibration and cultivate the feeling of gratitude! We have so many things to be grateful for in our lives that can often go unnoticed. Take the time out to give thanks for all the things you are thankful for with this relaxing meditation.   Episode three: Regain Focus We find a short meditation to help us regain our focus and find clarity when we’ve lost it. Remember why you started and focus in with a few mindful breaths to get you back on track.   Episode four: Good Morning Productivity We want you to start your day the right way with this morning meditation to set you up for a positive and productive day!   Episode five: Deep Sleep We take ten minutes out of our night to cultivate that deeper sleep. Bring the mind into a state of calm and serenity and find yourself slipping into the sweetest of dreams.   Episode six: Boost Creativity We look at sparking our creativity to help us feel inspired and ready to let our inner creative run wild!   Episode seven: Complete Body Relaxation  We will help you to find complete body relaxation helping you to feel rested and restored if you are feeling tired and lethargic.   Episode eight: Being Present This is all about being present Goals are great, but sometimes we need to take a step back from striving forward and become still to process our progress. Today we focus on just being instead of doing. Your take away Intention ‘I find peace in stillness as well as productivity’   Episode nine: A Story with Kush Spark something within and feel inspired by this story as shared by Kush. Let it resonate and may you find comfort in understanding.       If you...

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