Meet Crystal Healing Expert Kristy Lomas: How Can Crystal Healing Benefit Me?

How Can Crystal Healing Benefit Me?


Crystal healing therapy isn’t a new phenomenon. However, in recent years it’s certainly boomed in popularity and we’re seeing people talk about it’s benefits a lot more. It stems from the fact as crystals take millions of years to form underground. They are formed by repeating chemical structures, which is believed by many that crystals have the ability to hold energies.

There are lots of different types of crystals, depending on the type of mineral it’s made from and the conditions they grow in. The differences are thought to change the effect the crystal has energetically. Which has led them to be used holistically and for natural therapies.

If you’ve had an interest in how to tap into the energetic power of crystals, and how they affect the body and mind, you might be keen to read our chat with Cheshire and Manchester-based crystal therapist, Kristy Lomas.

We had an insightful chat with Kristy about how placing healing crystals on or around a client can help unblock, focus, and direct energy. So take a read below to explore a little more…



Hi Kristy, what was it that first attracted you to the art of crystal healing and intrigued you? 

You could say Healing is somewhat of the “family business”. My great Grandparents, Grandparents, and Mother were all Healers & Mediums. I’ve been brought up around Spirituality and crystals have played a big part in that. I’ve grown up around crystals. As a child, I was attracted to certain stones. At the time I thought it was just because they were “pretty” but as I grew, I learned that you’re usually attracted to the Crystals that hold the most significance or the healing that you need at the time.

How many years have you been doing this for?

I’ve been self-healing using crystals pretty much my entire life. Intuitively as a child, I would lay crystals on certain points of my body. I then started to develop an interest in the history & uses of crystals and developed a HUGE collection of books!

I started to share the benefits with friends in my teenage years (so over 20 years ago!). Then, seeing the benefit that it brought to them, I decided to gain certification in order to share my knowledge and offer Crystal Healing professionally.

Where do you practice?

I run The Ki Retreat, in Eccles which is where I hold all of my in-person sessions. I also offer “distance” healing sessions too. During these, crystals are sent to clients and we connect via Zoom, which is ideal for many during these current circumstances. I run through the placement of the crystals and I’m then able to send distant healing to clients incorporating Reiki healing.

What can a client expect from a typical crystal healing session with yourself?

During in-person sessions, I welcome the client and try to preempt any questions. It’s important to me that clients feel comfortable and at ease. After a consultation, I run through what to expect from the session. Clients lay fully clothed on the treatment bed. I ensure they’re nice and comfortable with a blanket. Then select specific crystals that resonate with the healing that needs to take place. These crystals are then placed on and around the body.

The aura is then cleansed using a crystal wand. As a Reiki Master, Reiki healing also tends to come through when I do a Crystal healing session as they complement each other so well. So my hands will hover over certain energy points and blockages within the body as the energy of the crystal is channeled into the body. To finish, the chakras are rebalanced using a crystal pendulum.

Since becoming a crystal healing therapist, what is the most important thing you’ve learned about what this practice can do for others?

That you don’t have to believe in it for the sessions to work. I often have clients that are skeptical, they like to try and “test” it- and that’s fine! I get it, it’s strange having someone just lay crystals over you and wave their hands about! Their faces at the end of a session are a picture! And they go away a convert.


What is your biggest hope/goals for your professional or personal practice?

My goal is to make Holistic therapies such as crystal healing more accessible to people and for them to become mainstream.

What does the average daily work life look like for yourself?

When I arrive at my space, I cleanse the room energetically to help prepare for a session. I’ll get my candles lit and incense on to help create a nice relaxing atmosphere, then I’ll welcome my clients. I typically see clients throughout the day time. My evenings are then spent replying to emails and catching up on social media.

Do you see crystal healing therapy growing in popularity?

Yes absolutely. I’ve already seen a huge increase in popularity. People that I would never have thought would take an interest have surprised me and walk around with crystals in their pockets (or bras!) I think that as the awareness grows around mental health. People are become more open about it and are exploring alternative therapies, but are also sharing tools that help them with others.

What are your personal favourite crystals that you use for your own benefits? 

It depends on what healing needs to happen, or what I’m currently drawn to at the time. A favourite piece of mine is a huge Amethyst that is shaped like a flame. I have a connection with that. Labradorite, Tigers Eye and Moldavite seem to be favourites at the moment, and I also always carry Shungite & Obsidian around with me. 

Thank you, Kristy!



If you have ever been curious about a crystal healing session, or how crystal healing therapy can benefit you and your own life, take a look at Kristy’s business below through the links:

The KI Retreat website
The KI Retreat Instagram
The KI Retreat Facebook



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