Must have accessories for your workout!

Put a spring in your step and boost your workout wellbeing with these must have accessories!  Whatever your workout, find the perfect partner to boost performance, fitness and mindset.  Helping you to stay motivated, inspired and ready to push yourself and your progress to the next level!


Fable Yoga Mat – Your no slip, sustainable, high performance yoga mat

The perfect partner for: Yoga, Pilates, Warm Ups and Cool Downs

Whether your new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, your practice comes down to having a great mat!  There’s nothing worse than building up a sweat and your hands and feet slipping on your mat whilst holding a down dog.  Our Fable yoga mats offer a non slip technology.  Designed for professional performance, these mats are made from natural tree rubber and PU.  Every mat is biodegradable and PVC free, making this a sustainable planet friendly purchase.  They are also slightly longer and wider than your average mat, giving you the space to explore, and work up a sweat without the slip.  The non slip technology will keep you steady and sturdy whilst cushioning joints and providing support.

Choose your colour from a range of Sky Blue, Blush Pink or Black.  Shop the collection HERE.

Time to Drink Reusable Water Bottle: Hydrate your workout

The perfect partner for: HIIT, Running, Hikes 

The key to any workout is staying hydrated.  Replacing lost fluids as we sweat helps us to stay energised and maintain our workout for longer.  Especially during high impact workout.  Keeping a reusable water bottle with you when you workout reminds us to stay hydrated and sip as we go.  Our Time to Drink Water Bottle is made from repurposed straw.  Its 850ml size and motivational prompts will help remind you to keep drinking all day.  The lid has a built in handle making it easy to carry and contains a flip up straw for easy on the move drinking!

Get your water bottle HERE

The Oil Hut Muscle Rub: Ease sore muscles and promote rest

The perfect partner for: Weight Lifting, Cycling

There’s nothing worse than sore muscles, aches and pains stopping you from smashing your next workout!  The Oil Hut Muscle Rub is your essential item to relieve and re-energise tired muscles.  Soothe aches and pains by rubbing directly on to the affected area after your workout session.  It’s great for using on tight hamstrings, calves, shoulders and lower back pain.  Made from 100% natural essential oils it can also double up as a bath soak for a super restorative pain relieving bath.

Ready to release those tight muscles?  Click HERE to shop.

Part of the Workout is looking after your Self and your Equipment

Looking after yourself and your equipment means you can be ready for the perfect workout every time.  Clean down your yoga mat with Our Spritz Wellness Yoga Mat Spray.  An all natural, alcohol free, safe way to wash down your mat.  Loaded with antiseptic and antiviral properties to keep your mat fresh and clean for every session.  And don’t forget about you!  The Natural Deodorant Co Deodorants will help you to stay fresh for 24 hours.  With all natural ingredients, this organic deodorant will nourish the delicate skin underarms, and fight against odour.  Helping you to give your next workout your all!


Shop the whole fitness collection and find more products you’ll love HERE!

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