Pilates Series (VIDEO)

  Welcome to The Studio’s Pilates Series.   Jen is here to bring you all the information you need on performing a safe practice. Not having an instructor whilst you are training can mean your form will drop and you are more likely to occur an injury. This Pilates series has everything you need to become stronger and filter in the safest way possible.           How to engage your core Jen will talk you through all the core muscles and how to engage them using small movements at home. Therefore these little movements help you learn how to engage your core. Then when you come to your workout will be using the muscles in the correct way. This will help you to build a stronger core. This video will make an impact on your home workouts, as you will have the knowledge to perform your workouts as safely as you would in The Studio.   Shoulder Relief Shoulder Relief…..Do you feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Perhaps you hold all your tension and stress there? Maybe you’ve been stooped over your computer screen or driving all day? Here’s some light relief for you in the form of a quick 10-minute workout.   Ab Workout  Ever feel like you need more guidance with your workouts?...

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