Sleep – How it can improve your productivity

Sleep can seem like the enemy of productivity.  Doesn’t sleep get in the way of us being productive?  Because without it we would have more hours in the day.  An average person spends a third of their life asleep, and we can look at that as a waste of time, if we don’t understand its importance.  However, sleep is actually essential to us performing and functioning at our best, even down to the smallest tasks. In sleep our mind is literally cleansed and our bodies rested and repaired.  So lets look at what our body is actually doing while we rest and how it helps us to be more productive when we are awake.     What are the different phases of sleep? From getting into to bed to waking up in the morning, we pass through different cycles or phases of sleep. Each phase lasts from around 70 to 120 minutes and serves a different purpose in our overall sleep quality.  A good nights sleep equals a day full of productivity to follow.  The phases of sleep are: Drifting...

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