Sustainable Gifting

When you’re shopping for a gift, are you really thinking about the effect the item you’re buying will have on the planet?  Probably not.  But by choosing to shop mindfully for ourselves and others, we can choose sustainable, unique items that really make a difference!   What is Sustainable Gifting? Sustainable gifting is a mindful way of shopping.  Consciously choosing to shop around for unique alternatives to plastic wrapped, harmful or mass produced items.  Sustainable gifting can either be a present which will encourage or help someone to live a greener lifestyle.  Or a product which was produced without having a negative impact on the planet.  This could be something packaged in paper instead of plastic, a company that supports zero emissions or even something that you make yourself!   How to shop sustainably Do a little research into what you are buying and who you are buying from.  Can you support a small local business instead of a big corporate company?  Ask yourself the following questions to create a more mindful shopping experience.   What...

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