Ten creative ways to get moving in the sunshine this summer!

The days are getting sunnier and warmer and we are more than ready for those summer months.  But what can we do to make the most of the sunshine, get outdoors and get active?  We’re looking at ten creative ways to get us moving this summer.  So get your sun lotion at the ready!




Throw it back to hobbies of past.  Let your inner child out, by grabbing a skateboard or strapping on some roller blades in your local park.  Embrace the feeling of wobbling, falling and learning how to find your balance!  Who said cardio had to be boring?



Give those legs a workout by getting on your bike, choosing your favourite walks, and enjoying seeing them at a different pace.  Follow cycle or walk paths, and make sure to wear protective gear when cycling on roads!  Cycling is a great way to get those legs moving, making glutes stronger and getting your heart rate up.  We can get further cycling than we can walking, so who knows where you might end up!



What could be better than getting out for a walk on a beautiful summers day?  Strap on a pair of walking boots, pack a picnic and head out into the great outdoors.  Find great local routes or travel further afield using an app like All Trails to find a walk to suit you.  Take in the scenery and enjoy the slower pace by really paying attention to your surroundings.  Noticing different wildlife, trees, plants and landscapes.  Give yourself that boost of nature that you need.  Don’t forget to pack your sun cream and plenty of water to stay hydrated.



We don’t have to travel anywhere exotic for this one.  You can get outside and enjoy the weather by pottering in your own garden.  Summer is the perfect time to spend pruning, planting and nourishing plants and flowers outside.  Our gardens thrive in the summer months if we look after them, as we see flowers coming into bloom, receiving plenty of sunlight.  Spend time weeding, moving grass, trimming back bushes and encourage wildlife into your garden.  Why not set up a bird feeder, a bee house or a hedgehog hole?  You could even grow your own fruits and vegetables or start a herb garden on your windowsill if you don’t have any outdoor space.


Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

Feel adventurous and get out on the water with a stand up paddle board or kayak.  A great way to give the arms a bit of a workout whilst coasting along beautiful waters at a leisurely pace.  Always make sure it is safe and you are allowed to enter the water!




Not just a sport for older men!  A great place to be on a summers day, spending time in expansive, open fields.  Challenge your swing and take time to get the hang of the clubs.  Even if you can’t hit the ball or you hit it too far, you’ll still have a laugh and a great way to stretch your legs walking to collect your balls.  Wherever they might end up!


Outdoor swimming

Take the plunge and indulge in some cold water therapy.  Take a dip, paddle or swim in local streams and lakes and enjoy the connection to nature.  Much better than a chlorinated pool inside!


Yard Yoga

Why not take your yoga practice outside?  Roll out your mat in your garden or local park and do some stretches in the sun.  Try to stay mindful and really notice your surroundings as you practice.  Tune in to the feeling of the sun on your skin, the gentle breeze blowing, the sounds of nature around you, and the smell of summer in the air.  What a blissful way to spend a lunchbreak, we feel more relaxed already.


Fling a Frisbee

This ones old school!  Pack a frisbee with your picnic to your local park and get up and running about chasing a frisbee.  It can also actually help to mobilise and strengthen shoulder joints.  Who’d of thought! And throwing and catching a frisbee, its harder than it looks we promise!  It’s sure to keep you moving as lets be honest some time they have a mind of their own..


Join an outdoor class

Whether its a HIIT class in your local park, a dance class outside the community centre or a running club.  Get signed up for a class outdoors this summer.  A great way to socialise and meet new people, and get your daily exercise in!


Excited to get moving?  Check out our must have accessories for you workout this summer.  And don’t forget hydration is key, especially in summer as our body sweats more.  Replace lost fluids with our reusable Time to Drink Water Bottle.  The perfect companion for any sunny day!


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