The benefits of natural light

With all this sunny weather, it’s great to have natural light in abundance.  Ever noticed everything just seems to feel better when the suns out?  Why is that?  We’re taking a look at the benefits of natural light outside and in our homes.



Boosts Vitamin D

When we are out in the sun we absorb the vital Vitamin D.  An important nutrient which prevents us from bone loss, reduces risk of heart disease, weight gain and cancer.  It also helps to boost our mood and make us feel happier.  Our bodies can produce Vitamin D by itself, but only after exposure to sunlight.  So getting outside as much as we can when its sunny, is actually crucial to our health and wellbeing.


Improves Sleep

It might sound contradictive but the light actually helps us to sleep!  The more natural light we receive during the day, the bigger likelihood of getting a good nights sleep.  Especially being up for sunrise and sunset.  The exposure to the natural red light of the sun helps to reset our circadian rhythms, allowing our bodies to regulate the production of the sleep hormone.  Promoting a good nights sleep and waking naturally in a morning.  Say goodbye to those alarms!


Reduces risk of Seasonal Depression

Having access to sources of natural light are crucial during the autumn/winter months to reduce our risk of suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Getting as much natural light as possible can help to ward off the mood swings and keep you uplifted through the darker and shorter days.

How can we improve natural light in our home?

Good Mirror Placement

Having a mirror or two in your home can help to reflect and bounce light around the room, even if you are limited to one small window.  It gives the illusion of the space being more light and open.  Aim the mirrors so they catch the natural rays of the sun and help in reflecting it round the space.


Remove heavy curtains

Heavy curtains can be great in winter to hold heat in the room, but in summer they can block out valuable light source.  It also encourages us to wake up naturally with the sun and sleep when the room naturally gets darker.  If curtains are a must, opt for blinds or a thinner lighter curtain.


Opt for lighting which emulates the sun

Turn off the bright overhead lighting and go for a subtle lamp.  Himalayan Salt Lamps are perfect for creating a natural orangey glow similar to the lighting of a sunrise or sunset.  They help create a soothing atmosphere, and a positive energy in any space.  Perfect for helping you wind down in an evening or even a more gentle wake up in a morning.  For our collection of homeware Salt Lamps visit our shop HERE.


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