The best tools for fine lines and wrinkles

Ageing is inevitable.  But there are things we can do to help us slow the process, avoid wrinkles, and keep our skin looking full and vibrant for longer.  By eating good food, exercising and using the right tools we can help ourselves on the way to smoother and younger looking skin for longer.  Here are our top three tools for youthful skin.


Psychic Sisters Facial Roller

With a choice of three crystal finishes, Amethyst, Jade or Rose Quartz, the Psychic Sisters facial roller is the perfect skincare tool.  Made with natural, high quality crystal.  The facial roller helps to revitalise complexion and improve skin tone. Helping to boost circulation and remove toxins and waste from the skin.  Keeping skin feeling plump and firm.

How to use

For the best results, apply moisturiser to the face and neck.  Then using your roller apply gentle pressure by rolling upwards and outwards.  Starting with the forehead and rolling until you finish with the neck.

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Hayou Jade Precision

Give your face some love with the restorative Jade Precision Tool.  Also known as the ‘Magic Wand’ of Gua Sha. Use this healing tool to target delicate, hard to reach areas and help to reduce puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and lips. The main areas in which fine lines can start to become visible, as the skin is more delicate.  This nourishing crystal tool helps to support circulation and bring vitality back into those problem areas!

How to use

For best results, add this into your daily skincare routine.  Spend at least one minute a day applying gentle pressure to the skin moving outwards and upwards.

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Hayou Jade Beauty Restorer

The perfect tool to add to your skincare routine. Restore your skin, the luxurious way! Hydrate and nourish your skin with the restorative Jade crystal.   Helping to reduce tired looking skin,  smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, wake up the circulatory systems and begin to plump and sculpt your face.  The Beauty Restorer will help to move toxins and waste away from the surface of the skin, keep skin supple and firm.

How to use

Using once a day as part of your daily routine, massage a small amount of oil or moisturiser into the skin and begin using your Jade Beauty Restorer applying pressure in an upward and outward direction.

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