The best ways to wind down your muscles after exercising

Gyms are back open and we can get back to our training, finally!  However, we have to make sure to look after our muscles to help them relax and release after strenuous exercise.  If we don’t we can find ourselves tighter and stiffer than before we started!  So schedule in some time to cool down, and find out our top three ways to wind down muscles after exercise.



Stretch it out!

It goes without saying, stretching is important.  When we have finished our workout our muscles are warm, and we benefit from increased blood circulation.  Cooling down with simple stretches gives our body time to return to normal.  The blood flow back into our muscles regulates and heart rate lowers.  Stretching helps reduce the risk of muscles stiffness and soreness the next day, by helping to eliminate the lactic acid that has built up throughout the workout.  It also allows us to keep on top of that all important mobility and flexibility.  Strength exercises cause the muscles to shorten, and without lengthening them back out this can start to affect things such as posture and joint mobility.  We told you stretching was important!


Take a hot bath with Epsom salts

A hot bath can ease muscle ache by releasing tension.  This can increase blood circulation, and the elasticity of connective tissues, meaning if your muscles are tight this will help to release them.  By adding Epsom Salts to your bath water, you receive the extra benefits of reducing swelling and calming of the central nervous system.  Baths are know to be a stress buster, and when we have sore or achey muscles are body can compensate by making other muscles tense up to protect the weaker muscles.  So overall relaxation will do wonders for your body!


Self massage

There’s a range of tools and equipment we can use to give ourselves that little bit of extra self care.  With the use of foam rollers, massage balls and acupressure mats, its easy to give your body the attention it needs without forking out for a fancy spa day.  Self massage will help to give you a boost and relieve those tight muscles after workout.  Applying pressure to the muscles and skin can help to detoxify the body and release toxins, and stimulate the bodies energetic channels.  Giving overall vitality, mood and muscles a much needed boost!


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