The Studio Challenges (VIDEO)

  Welcome to our Studio series which is going to give you step-by-step challenges. Here to help you keep pushing yourself more every day.     We’ve got a range of fitness challenges for you to keep up with your goals and help you improve your performance. It also puts a bit of fun into your fitness training when you can challenge yourself or push yourself further by challenging someone else to join you.         Squat Challenge Squat challenge is here to challenge you and build your strength over a few weeks. It includes 5 exercises, where you complete 20 reps of each exercise in the 1st round. You should increase the reps each week so you build more strength.   Burpee 101 Burpee 101! Corrine shows you three burpee variations you can include in your HIIT workout! Suitable for beginners and more advanced.   Wheel Preparation Flow with Nicole as she guides you through this sequence to open the shoulders and mobilise the spine, warming up to come into our peak posture.. Wheel! Improve back flexibility, open the heart and build strength through...

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