The Studio Challenges


The Studio Challenges!

As part of our community, we are always looking for new ways to bring mindfulness to your life, encourage movement, challenges, and work towards sharing ways of staying healthy and well.

As we get approach the final season of the year. It’s a time where we’ll find ourselves reflecting on what we can only describe as one of the craziest years we can think of in this decade. To think back on this time last year, knowing what we know now. How crazy it is that we tend to put so much emphasis on the future.



Over the past couple of months, since we’ve had to face uncertain times. It has given us some great conversations and discussions on what really is important when it comes to sustaining and developing new areas of growth. And we don’t just mean within the business, but across our personal lives, too. After thinking long and hard about the year so far, we came to the conclusion that the number one factor that can be overwhelming in its gravity has to be ‘progression!’ As with this brings contentment knowing that you are moving forward toward something.

Progression is not something designed to be scary or intimidating. But instead, a tool to be used to calculate how far you have come and where you are going. As part of The Studio community, you guys know that above everything, we are all about mindful actions. Mindfulness is deep routed in everything we do. When drilled down to its basic terms, mindful actions simply means thinking about what it is you are trying to do, and coming up with a strategy to get there. A strategy that compliments you are your life.

Everyone has different aims. It could be that you are working towards making changes that are on a micro or macro scale in your life. Anything from getting up in the morning a little earlier so you can enjoy your coffee without rushing, to planning your next athletic challenge and goal, or making an all-important business move.


What’s your next move?

Which leads us to what we have planned. We are opening up a series of Studio challenges to do exactly that; offer you some progression options and challenge yourself to compete with the version of yourself that already exists.

Below you will find the first Studio challenges that we have created. And as we expand these to all areas of Studio life, we hope that they give you some useful direction and motivation to use in your own capacity.

We can’t wait to hear some of the awesome success stories from you guys. Really build this community around the ideas of challenging what already exists within yourself.

In the Studio Challenges


20 days a month Yoga challenge. Release your true flow with this awesome opportunity to receive £25 Studio cash and one of our very own ‘Time to Drink’ Studio water bottle.

Browse collections here.


Let us know if you are up for the Challenge in the comments below!
Good Luck!


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