Upcycling & Re-gifting

You know the saying, one persons trash is another persons treasure?  Well its true!  Upcycling or repurposing things you already own can help to reduce waste, cost and make a perfect, personable present. Whether you are passing something on you no longer have use for, giving something a new lease of life or giving it a complete makeover.  Upcycling is a great way to add more thought and creativity to a gift, without breaking the bank!   What is Upcycling? To upcycle something is to reuse discarded objects, materials or unused items to create something new.  Giving the item a new lease of life and often making it of higher interest, value and quality.  The process of upcycling helps to reduce our consumption of new materials, by making use of what we already have.  Upcycling allows us to reduce our impact on the planet and makes for a great sustainable gifting option!   Get inspired Stuck for a great gift idea and looking for something unique and meaningful?  Look no further than your own home and belongings.  Take a look around through your items.  Is there anything you’re holding on to that you just never use?  Something you know someone else...

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