Lighter Evenings: The red light benefits

The days are longer, and the sunset is later!  Meaning we have lighter and brighter evenings.  Although this is great for dusky spring nights spent outside, it can also disrupt our sleeping patterns.  Making it a little harder to start your wind down routine, because it still feels like its daytime! Here we review some small changes you can make to make sure you maximise the daylight hours whilst still promoting those all important sleeping hours.



Take your evening yoga practice outside

Take your evening stretches outside!  Roll out your mat and make the most of warmer and lighter spring evenings, by getting out for some fresh air.  Stretching before bed helps our body to release stored up tension from throughout the day.  Helping to relieve muscles and bring the body into a state of rest and digest.  Movement also releases endorphins into the body, which helps us to feel happier and positive before going to bed.  Make sure to layer up with warm comfy clothes, to help keep the muscles warm and tune in to the world and sounds around you.  Becoming present with your surroundings helps you to tune into how you are really feeling and allows you to process and switch off from your day.  All together now ‘OMMM..’


Red light benefits

Red light is produced by the rays of the sun at sunrise and sunset.  The orangey glow that projects across the skies as the sun sinks behind the clouds.  This red light gives a boost to cells called the mitochondria, which regulate the energy production within the cells.  Meaning getting more of this red light helps provide the body with the energy it needs to heal, function properly and repair whilst we sleep.  Red light can actually help to regulate our sleep as when our body receives this light frequency from the sun, it is signalling to our body what time it is.  Getting out for those all important sunrises and sunsets brings our circadian rhythms back into balance, regulating our hormones which produce Melatonin (this promotes sleep!)


Connect with your surroundings through mindful activity

Mindful activities before bed help us to end our day in a state of calm.  Helping us to process and let go of the day, and create a positive headspace before going to sleep. Taking this practice into the outdoors can be even more soothing and therapeutic, as we can connect to nature through our surroundings.  Sipping on a relaxing herbal tea such as chamomile whilst sitting outside, or by an open door or window.  Pay attention to the sounds of the world winding down around you.

Why not try taking one of these activities outside;

  • Reading a book
  • Listening to a podcast or relaxing music
  • Journaling about your day
  • Meditating to the sounds of nature
  • Watering plants around the garden


Keep indoor artificial lighting to a minimum

With the extra light to our evenings, we don’t need to use so much artificial lighting in our homes.  It’s no secret that light can effect our sleep as this connects back to our circadian rhythms of waking with the light and sleeping with the night.  The circadian rhythm works with our internal body clock, which is regulated by natures light and dark cycle. So make the most of the natural light you have.  Keeping curtains open and allowing the light to naturally fade and dim as the sun sets.  This will help your body to know when to wind down, allowing night time to ease it’s way in.  After the sun has set, keep indoor lighting to a minimum.  Use small lamps, dimmer switches or a Himalayan salt lamp for a soothing glow.


Bring a sense of calm into your evening with our Wind Down Collection.  Products to help you create a safe sanctuary, and let the worries of the day slip away. Still struggle with getting the perfect nights sleep?  Try these late night snack that can actually help you sleep.

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