Yin Yoga Series (VIDEO)

Welcome to The Studio’s Yin Yoga Series!   In this series, Lucy will guide you through 7 Yin practices. These videos will help you relax, let go, connect the mind & body, and give you a gentle stretch. Yin yoga is open to everyone of all ages and abilities.     Yin Yoga All Yin classes are organised around the specific threads, which includes, target areas, meridians, chakras, or theme. In this series, the 7 practices are focusing on the 7 chakras.   With a practice focusing on the chakras you have to be able to unlock the first 6 before being able to let the energy freely reach the highest chakra. Unlocking the different chakras allows you to achieve complete physical and spiritual health, and eventually enlightenment.   Yin yoga has many benefits for the body, some of these include improving range of motion and flexibility, passively lengthening your muscles, improves lubrication in the joints, improve heart and lung function, reduces stress, and reduces blood pressure. The list really does go on!       Setting Your Space! All’s you will need is yourself and your mat, making sure you are comfortable and warm. You may want to have a bolster or pillow handy for adjustments, and a blanket to cover yourself with once you get to savasana at the end. Creating your atmosphere! The best way to set the atmosphere is to light some candles, set a diffuser or incense in the room as well.       Are you ready to be guided?         1. First chakra – Muladhara/Root Chakra This Yin sequence is designed to activate the root chakra which helps define our sense of self. When this chakra is in balance, we feel grounded, comfortable and safe in our own body and in the world.        2. Second chakra – Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra In this video, the Yin sequence is designed to activate this sacral chakra which controls our ability to be able to “go with the flow”. When in balance, we feel connected with the beauty of life. When unbalanced, we are either holding on to something or holding back from something.     3. Third chakra – Manipura/Solar Plexus  The third video in this series is the third chakra Manipura. This is a Yin sequence to activate the chakra situated...

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